Dust Mites Treatment in Melbourne

Dust mites are tiny insects that live in the deepest strands of carpeting and beds, feeding on human skin cells and dust. Whenever dust mites are agitated, such as when you use a vacuuming machine to clean them, they could become airborne, triggering sensitivities and respiratory problems like asthma. Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers expert Dust Mite Cleaning Services that can improve the sanitation and wellbeing of your living space.

Techniques that are both effective and safe

Our trained and competent dust mite cleaner provides a one-of-a-kind approach for keeping your home or office more sanitary. Dust mites and their excrement are eliminated with a non-toxic and recyclable anti-allergen. The solution is not a chemical or poison, and it will not damage most textiles or surfaces. It is also safe to use on a variety of materials.

People with dust mite allergies may benefit from our Dust Mites Treatment in Melbourne. Our environmentally friendly methods ensure that your carpets, curtains, linen, mattresses, and furniture are cleaned and disinfected to eradicate allergens for optimum relief. The Dust Mite Cleaning Services also meets the most stringent safety requirements.

Assisting in the Relief of Allergic Reactions

A high number of people are allergic to a protein contained in dust mite excrement, which causes varying degrees of pain and can interfere with daily tasks. A Dust Mites Treatment in Melbourne can relieve symptoms, offering you relief when you’re attempting to focus at work or when you’ve gone to bed and want to sleep. You’ll almost surely notice a difference in your life quality and overall welfare if you don’t have dust mites in your home or business.

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We frequently discover that after a consumer has used Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, they will never use another carpet cleaning service. Our credibility is backed up by a large number of return and referral customers. Every time, we aim to deliver excellent service. You can count on us to help you with your concerns.

The next time you need a dust mite allergy treatment, go with Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Please contact us as soon as possible for further information about how our experienced Dust Mite Cleaning Services can help you. Alternatively, you can get a quote and schedule our Dust Mites Treatment in Melbourne at a time that is convenient for you.

What can you do to keep allergens to a minimum in your home?

Choosing a carpet that is allergy-friendly

It’s vital to choose a low pile carpeting with a tight weave when replacing your flooring so that dust mites, dirt, and irritants have less hiding area. Long pile carpets and shaggy rugs should be avoided at all costs!

It’s also vital to think about the sort of fibre you want to use. If you’re seeking a natural fibre with hypoallergenic characteristics, wool is a fantastic choice. Wool collects typical air pollutants, including smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), cleaning agents, and cooking odours. This aids in the improvement of air quality. Wool is also immune to germs, mildew, and fungus, but it takes time to dry so, mould can develop if it is left wet for too long. Dust mites are finicky creatures who dislike the coil structure of wool fibres.

When it concerns allergy-friendly flooring, nylon is the safest option. Nylon is less expensive than wool and is much easier to clean because dust particles do not lodge in the fibres. The carpet is also mould, fungus, and moisture resistant, allowing it to dry rapidly.

Dust mites and allergens can be removed from carpets by cleaning them.

When it comes to eradicating contaminants like dust mites, dry vacuuming is a crucial first step. Vacuuming must be performed at least once or twice a week, preferably with a HEPA filtering vacuum. If you are very vulnerable to dust, it is a smart option to delegate cleaning to someone else or utilize a dust mask.

To get rid of dust mites or other pollutants, get your carpet professionally steam cleaned once every 3-6 months. Steam cleaning blows those tiny creatures out of your rug pile with heat, chemical change, disturbance, and extraction before sucking them from your carpeting and your property.

We also provide you with the extra benefit of employing products that are safe for you, your household, and your pets.  We even throw in some essential oils for free. These essential oils not only smell great, but they also have antibacterial characteristics.

It’s critical to hire a qualified carpet cleaner with allergy-friendly solutions, machinery, and training to leave your carpet as dry as possible because mould growth is aggravated by slow drying carpet.

If your allergies are severe, your best option may be to remove your carpet entirely and replace it with hard flooring.

Dust Mites Treatment in Melbourne FAQ

1. What levels of humidity kills dust mites?

Purchase a dehumidifier. Dust mites thrive in damp environments. Dust mites can be controlled by keeping humidity levels between 30% and 50%.

2. In your home, where do dust mites live?

The bedding, carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and drapes in your home can harbour hundreds of thousands of dust mites. They eat the dead human skin cells that they find in the dust. Dust mites are parasitic insects that do not attack, bite or penetrate our systems.

3. Is there an indication of house dust mites?

Because of its microscopic size and translucent bodies, household dust mites are hardly visible to the naked eye. The length of a regular residential dust mite is 0.2–0.3 mm.

4. What do mites like to eat?

Mites are drawn to carbon dioxide (a byproduct of respiration) and heat, which they use to find hosts. Mites can’t fly or jump, thus they have to crawl. Mites are most commonly found in spaces with the maximum levels of carbon dioxide, like kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms, and workspaces.

5. What can I use to kill dust mites?

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils should be sprayed.

So, when you’ve cleaned your room, mix 2 cups of distilled water with 2 tablespoons of natural tea tree oil and 2 teaspoons of raw eucalyptus oil. Fill a container with the mixture and spritz it all over your carpet.  Dust mites will be killed and repelled by this method.

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