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Pets are a valuable addition to your family. With their unconditional love and innocence, they are capable to brighten anyone’s day. However, maintaining your property when you have pets is a challenging task. Keeping the property clean and hygienic when there are pets scurrying around forever throughout the home. We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are experts in identifying pet urine stains and pet accidents in your house efficiently. If pet accidents are not managed immediately, the smell can spread to the entire house that can impact your health and the environment in the house. Carpet pet removal and pet stain removal done regularly is an essential investment. The odour generated from one particular pet accident can lead to similar repeated incidents in the same area until it is properly removed. Our technicians at <client name> are highly trained to handle pet accidents with ease and hygiene. They are equipped with pet-friendly cleaning products and tools.

Our technicians help eliminate stains and smell that pet urine leaves on the floors and carpets with our specialized and effective pet stain removal chemicals and tools. While most of our competitors only provide carpet procedures that temporarily hide the odour but we, <client name> goes to the cellular level to remove the urine completely and also remove the offensive smells that come with it. Our tried and tested urine stain treatment Melbourne has helped us in numerous carpet pet urine removal from Melbourne properties. Pet stain removal just got easier because of Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

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Urine Stain Treatment Process Melbourne

We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne follow the ahead listed pet stain removal process Melbourne for the best results:

Carpet Pet Urine Removal in Melbourne homes is carried out by trained pet stain removal professionals always. They first locate the exact source of the pet urine stain for treatment and removal from your Melbourne For that moisture meter or sensors are used.

The technicians also lift up the carpet if the stains and odours have reached below them. If needed, the padding is also changed by them. They also apply a gel on the sub-floor to block odours.

The affected area is cleaned with a specialized cleaning solution. Any urine crystals remaining are then removed with the help of hot water.

Another cleaning agent is used to pin the sub-floor, baseboards, and carpet together.

Best results are visible in 2-3 days of the Carpet Pet Urine Removal Melbourne. The cleaning agents take time in breaking down the elements in the pet urine and the subsequent odour coming with it. The carpets smell fresh again and most importantly become healthy and hygienic for use again post procedure.

Problems with DIY Cleaning

Restoring the carpets and upholstery with DIY shampoos and products after they have been damaged with pet urine and stains is strenuous and of no much use. The carpet stain removal carpet odour removal Melbourne cannot be done at home. Getting rid of the stains and smells requires professionals who have expertise and the correct equipment that would be required. We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have a special team in place that is deployed on a daily basis to assist families having pet problems.

Pet urine and faeces cause long term effects on the carpets and upholstery. Pet waste has bacteria that does not only interact with the carpet fibres and change its colours but also cause stains on the carpets that are permanent. Immediate action to call a professional carpet pet urine removal from Melbourne is must. It is more helpful than using the homemade remedies for pet stain removal and carpet odour removal from your Melbourne property.

Why Choose Us?

We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne specialize in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, Carpet Pet Urine Removal, Carpet Stain Removal, Carpet Odour Removal in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We are an extremely customer-centric company that provides efficient carpet stain removal and carpet odour removal services among other carpet cleaning services to Melbourne

The safety, comfort and well-being of our customers and their families is highly paramount to us and that reflects in our daily operations.

The carpet pet removal products we use for our carpet cleaning branch in Melbourne are very pet-friendly and safe for furry little babies.

We fully well understand that that pet stains and urine odour can cause health issues in their families and hence we provide only long-standing cleaning solutions to our clients.

No project is small or big for us. Our technicians work with the same focus and dedication on each of our assignments.

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We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have always endeavoured to provide quality results to our clients in terms of services, customer experience and results. Therefore, if you are facing any problems involving pet stain removal or carpet pet removal do not hesitate to call us. Book an appointment with us without further delay. Be assured to get long-term relief from the pet troubles and get saved from replacing any of our carpets and furnishings.


1. Is the pet urine hazardous to my health?

The acid levels in the pet urine rise as much time is wasted till it dries. The urine breeds harmful bacteria that has potential to cause health hazards in your family.

2. Can pet urine change the colour of my carpets?

Yes, the colour change happens if the urine is left to dry and not treated immediately. The damage to the fibres becomes permanent if left untreated. The colour change also becomes permanent.

3. Is steam cleaning effective in carpet stain removal in my Melbourne property?

No, it will have a contrasting effect on the carpet. As the steam and hot water used in steam cleaning will only aggravate and make the stain settle into the fibre permanently.

5. How to get rid of old pet urine stains?

It is not possible to get rid of longstanding pet urine stains with the resources available at home. Contact Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for immediate and effective removal of pet stains, urine stains removal, and carpet odour removal from your Melbourne house.

6. My carpets have been smelling due to pet urine stains. Will my carpets ever smell normal again?

Yes definitely. The pet stain removal and carpet pet urine removal products used by our technicians at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are wonderful and highly efficient in making your carpets look and smell like before!

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