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Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne specializes in pet urine stain and odor removal; we understand how much your pet means to you, but you don’t have to put up with the unsightly stains and odors that come with it. To clear a hard to tougher stain from your carpets, we use a specific stain removal procedure. With our Pet Stain Removal Abbotsford, we do our best to give you a clean and neat carpet. So, if you require any carpet cleaning services, please call us at 0488884860

What happens if you don’t clean up pet urine from your carpets?

  • Pet urine on the carpet discolors it and emits foul scents that degrade the ambiance in the house or business.
  • Pets will return to the same spot to pee if the urine is not completely removed.
  • Consider the filth and bacteria in your pet’s pee; if you don’t respond fast, you might suffer major health consequences.
  • If the urine gets deep enough into the carpet strands, it can contaminate both the carpet and the floor.
  • The deeper the urine enters the longer it is left ignored. It can penetrate your home’s flooring, walls, and foundation.
  • Microbial development is also aided by pet urine.

Simply cleaning and scrubbing your carpet will not be enough to eradicate these stubborn pet pee stains. To break down urine crystals and remove the bad odor from your carpet, the Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne crew uses the most effective and dependable procedures available.

Our two effective Pet Stain Removal Abbotsford techniques are as follows:

1) we clean the surface from the top down. This approach may only be used if the urine stain is in the carpet fibers and has not penetrated the carpet backing, behind the carpet, or on the floor. It is a less expensive option since it does not require the carpet to be lifted.

2)If Both the side and the floor of the carpet have been penetrated by pet urine. In this case, we must clear the urine stain by following the instructions below:

  • The Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne staff will raise the carpet and thoroughly assess the issue to determine whether a conventional steam clean and deodorize is adequate.
  • We remove the filth from beneath the carpet and thoroughly clean the floor with the necessary chemicals and detergents.
  • Then, on both sides of the carpet, we apply our bio-enzymatic treatment and massage it well. Then we steam clean it to remove the garbage and use Hydroxide Odor Neutralizer.
  • We relay carpet in the last stage. Handle stains by carefully releasing hydroxide stain remover and spraying deodorizer where it’s needed the most.

Our experts have been trained and have adequate expertise to handle a variety of cleaning services, including Carpet Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Water Damage Cleaning, and a variety of other specific cleaning services. Pet urine is no longer a problem when we’re on the job.


Is pet urine harmful to my health?

As more time passes before it dries, the acid levels in the pet urine climb. Urine is a breeding ground for hazardous germs that may put your family’s health at risk.

Will my carpet’s color be affected by puppy urine?

Yes, if the urine is left to dry and not handled right after, the color will change. If the damage to the fibers is not repaired, it will become permanent. The color shift is also irreversible.

Is steam cleaning effective in pet stain removal?

No, it will have a contrasting effect on the carpet. As the steam and hot water used in steam cleaning will only aggravate and make the stain settle into the fiber permanently.

What is the best way to get rid of old pet pee stains?

With the materials accessible at home, it is impossible to remove long-standing pet pee stains. For rapid and effective removal of pet stains, urine stains, and carpet odors, contact Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.

Due to pet pee stains, my carpets have a foul odor. Will my carpets ever smell like they used to?

Without a doubt. Our professionals utilize excellent and extremely effective pet stain removal and carpet pet urine removal solutions to restore the look and fragrance of your carpets.

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