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    Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the carpet cleaning services Melbourne. We offer the finest carpet cleaning and repair services for a number of years. We have a team of reliable and efficient professional who use the latest and most efficient equipment to clean your carpet thoroughly. At a very reasonable price, we offer professional cleaning for carpet in Melbourne. We realise that carpets are the most used item in every house and you will need emergency cleaning services to clean your carpets when they become old. We have a strong industry reputation and have only our customers the best results. We all know that carpet is the most common object in any home and it is also the only thing that is constantly contaminated by dirt in our homes. We offer prompt, competent and reasonably priced professional carpet cleaning services. Regular vacuuming may keep these dust particles from being vacuumed, but the carpets are further damaged by other factors.

    Are your carpets looking a shade darker or something very much different from what when they were newly installed? At Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have extensive experience in handling cleaning of various carpet fabrics and types. All our carpet cleaning services are available for residential and commercial clients at affordable prices. You can definitely rely on us for your carpet cleaning requirements. We are a name that has always been synonymous to quality carpet cleaning and care since the inception of our business. We have earned customer confidence and a stellar reputation with our result-driven approach. 100% customer satisfaction has also always been at the forefront for our business. Our services adhere to the highest quality and safety standards which are essential to gain customer satisfaction and confidence.

    The carpet cleaning services offered by us are implemented with the help of skilled, accredited and certified carpet cleaners. Our services are accessible 24*7 and can be booked even for weekends or public holidays. Save yourself from embarrassing situations caused due to dirty carpets in your residence, office or any other commercial premises.



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    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Are you still looking for an efficient and excellent same day carpet cleaning service for your factory, office, workplace, or house? Your search for the highly reliable and outstanding carpet cleaning service that would deliver the requested services in a day ends with us. We at, Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have the required expertise and equipment needed for executing the same day carpet cleaning service without any delay. Our services have always been in line with the requisite industry standards while also maintaining high quality work. We do not believe in adding hidden charges to your bills. Get in touch with us via phone or by way of our website where you can fill in all the required details to schedule a service.

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    Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpeting used in residences should be clean, prim and groomed at all times. The hygiene levels of carpeting also will determine the health and wellbeing of your family and the people residing in the property. Carpets are vulnerable to dust, dirt, grime and filth deposits throughout the day due to dirty feet and shoes. These dirt elements, in turn are responsible for triggering asthma, wheezing, sneezing and a number of allergies. Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has excellent solutions for the maintenance of cleanliness and quality standards of a number of carpet types and fabrics to prevent such health concerns. Reach out to us at any time of the week or month for scheduling an appointment for the cleaning of your carpets in a systematic and timely manner.

    End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning is a necessary legal obligation for tenants and people living on rental properties. Your search should end with Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, if you are also a tenant spending time online finding the right carpet cleaning service provider! The landlord can deduct some amount from your bond money if the legal requirement of the cleaning service is not fulfilled. This service is helpful in removal of stains, dirt spots, filth and grime deposits from carpets of different makes, sizes and lengths. Speak to our customer care representatives for more details on our end of lease carpet cleaning services. Schedule an appointment for your property with the best carpet cleaning service today to get your bond money back for sure.

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    Dust Mites Treatment Melbourne

    Dust mites are tiny and microscopic insects residing in carpets. These insects are so small that one cannot really see them with naked eyes. However, their droppings are harmful and can trigger a number of allergic symptoms including wheezing, sneezing, breathing disorders and asthma. Save yourselves and your loved ones from frequent trips to the doctor by opting for dust mites treatment services for your property. Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers reliable and affordable services for eliminating these allergic insects from your carpets as only regular vacuuming is not sufficient for weeding out dust mites and their eggs from carpets. We have trained and skilled individuals who can identify dust mite infestations of different magnitudes and then remove them effectively from different surfaces.  

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has a wide range of carpet cleaning services for commercial properties as well. We have experience in dealing with the cleaning and servicing of carpets in food businesses, airports, schools, day-care centres, factories, production outlets and many more such places used by public. With our services, you are assured to get quality services which would not disrupt the functioning of your business in any manner. We operate in the later hours, early mornings as well as on the off days for your employees. You are assured to get your carpets cleaned and serviced in a timely, structured and planned manner. Our 20+ years of experience has benefited all our clients and also kept adding to our client base.

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    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    We, at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are among the most preferred cleaning business for our efficient and high-quality carpet steam cleaning services. We have hired experienced technicians who have skill and the required competence to handle advanced equipment for carrying out all services. Carpet steam cleaning can extend the life of your carpets considerably while also maintaining its softness and fabric quality by way of hot water. Opting for this service is the easiest and swiftest way to have clean and hygienic carpets without dedication of much time and hassle. This service makes use of the least amount of water and hence it does not run any risk of mould growth or mildew on the carpet surface. Carpets cleaned with the help of steam carpet cleaning can be dried effectually and faster.

    Carpet Pet Stain Removal Melbourne

    Carpets in households also get stained if there are pets who are allowed onto carpets. Pets running out and about the carpeting also can deposit dirt and filth onto its surfaces. Additionally, carpets can suffer tearing due to their claws. Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has effective solutions for the damage control and removal of carpet pet stains from numerous carpets. Having these types of stains removed via professional experts is a must so the stains and smells generated from the pet urine do not spread elsewhere on the carpet. We have expert pet stain removal experts who clean out smells and stains from the deepest portions of the carpet rather than just cleaning out the surfaces. Maintain the cleanliness of your carpet while cohabiting with your beloved pet!

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    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Services

    Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

    Stains are a common and day-to-day occurrence in most homes. The carpets suffer the most damage due to the spillage of a number of items including food gravies, curries, wine, tea, coffee, cosmetics, and many more. Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers all-round and exhaustive solutions to carpet-owners for removal of ugly stains and prevention of the same in future. Our carpet cleaning experts have the competence to deal with anything from mould, mildew to other more commonplace stains. Our technicians are equipped with advanced and cutting-edge equipment that are essential in removal of the toughest stains. Reach out to our team on 0488884860 for more information on the services you require. Get rid of ugly stains from your carpets and restore its hygiene and appearance.

    Carpet Mould Removal Melbourne

    Mould-ridden carpets look bad but also breed a lot of germs and allergens that can impact one’s health and wellbeing giving rise to allergies. Moulds occur on carpet surfaces as a result of flooding, overflowing taps, washing machines, pipes, faucets, roofs, chimneys etc. Mould, if left untreated on carpet surfaces can damage the carpet rendering it useless in future. We deliver tailored carpet mould removal services to clients depending on the carpet fabric and level of damage caused by the mould. This service restores the hygiene of the dirtiest carpets by removing every bit of mould residue from the carpet. Prevent unnecessary expenses on the replacement of your carpet; schedule an appointment with us to have the accumulated mould removed from every inch of your carpet.

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    Hot Water Extraction Melbourne

    We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians who have the necessary skill sets for restoring carpet hygiene. The hot water extraction Melbourne service is essential in removing every trace of water that has entered into the carpet by way of leaky pipes, bathtubs, toilets, taps, wash basins and more. Our hot water extraction specialists are equipped with the requisite mould identification technology and machinery required for finding and removing mould that has grown in the carpets due to moisture accumulation. Get in touch with the experts today if your carpets also have come into contact with excess moisture. Safeguard your carpets with the help of corrective services before they become fully damaged and unusable.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We at Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne believe that quality carpet cleaning services are not one-size-fit for all at. All carpet are unique and require a different approach to clean them effectively. The type of carpet fibres and style of the carpet affects more than the look – the treatment and method of cleaning is to be used to restore its original condition.

    Use our decades of experience for your carpet to bring new life. We ensure we meet all your cleaning needs for home and commercial carpet. Do not hesitate to make an appointment and contact our staff.

    We are the best in the city and have several grounds. We have the following specialties, apart from being professional:


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    Importance of Carpet Cleaning Service Melbourne

    Tons of bacteria are present on the carpet when used regularly. You need to clean your carpets regularly to keep them safe and healthy. In addition, your well-being is another reason to clean the carpet. Germs, bacteria and allergens may shelter and propagate a variety of diseases within your carpet.

    Cleaning of your carpets even extends your precious carpet’ life. In all, a number of advantages can be achieved by cleaning carpet. So, if you are looking for the best Melbourne carpet cleaner, please feel free to contact us.


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    Frequently Ask Questions

    In normal weather conditions, your carpet will feel dry to touch 4-6 hours later. We recommend that you wait a total of 8 hours, in particular pets and children, before foot traffic is granted. But don't worry: the cleaning service won't be ruined, if you need to move quickly over a newly cleaned carps to another part of your home. We recommend that you wait for at least 30 minutes and remove your shoes and put a fresh pair of socks to ensure that no dust or dirt is on the damp fibres.
    30 minutes after your service is done, you can access the newly cleaned area. It is because we never soak your mount with our powerful steam cleaner that leaves it just somewhat damp to the touch. We suggest that foot traffic be reduced to necessities for at least 4-6 hours and that children and pets be kept from the city.
    Your carpet cleaning service includes removing stains and spots. Please make sure that you indicate any specific fields your technician needs to be treated during the pre-inspection process.
    Twice a year, we recommend professional carpet cleaning to ensure the clean, smelling and best possible air quality for occupants in your homes or business in Melbourne.
    Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals or solvents to break the soil and particles that produce tin on the carpet. These compounds leave a sticky mark on the surface of the carpet even after being vacuumed. They collect dirt and make it dirty again.
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